Ryon’s Web Design is now an Authorized Google Apps Reseller!

Ryon’s Web Design is now an Authorized Google Apps Reseller!

There are so many benefits to getting rid of the old legacy e-mail systems. Moving your solution to the “Cloud” model will save you considerable time and money. Ryon's Web Design is now an Authorized Google Apps Reseller!Ryon’s Web Design offers customers Google Apps expert consultation, setup and migration.

Google Apps brings simple communication and collaboration tools to organizations of any size – all hosted by Google to streamline setup, minimize maintenance, and reduce IT costs. With Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Hangouts, users can stay connected and work together with ease. Word processing, spreadsheet creation, and presentations with Google Docs makes sharing files and document organization more  efficient.

By purchasing Google Apps for Work from Ryon’s Web Design, customers receive personalized support and training. Businesses no longer have to worry about key concerns such as data security and server maintenance, empowering them to move forward efficiently and with confidence.

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Benefits of using Google Apps for your business:

  1. Brand your business email – You get to use your business’s brand with your email with your very own @yourdomain.com set of email addresses, as well as branding the interface with your logo.
  2. Cloud-based storage – Each user has plenty of online storage for your email, as well as storage in Google Docs.
  3. Collaborate – Google Apps’ services give you the ability to collaborate and share with others in your businesses using other Google products such as Google Drive and Google Docs.
  4. Sync Devices – You can use IMAP to keep your inbox in sync across all of your devices including your computer, mobile devices, tablets and the web. Applications such as Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook support Google’s IMAP settings. By using IMAP you’re able to centrally store your mail in the cloud, and when you leave your desktop computer and move to your mobile device, your Inbox has the same contents and constantly remains in sync.
  5. Reliability – The storage and server demands of having your email hosted and managed with your web host are removed. If you web host goes offline, or you decide to change web hosts, it is possible to have your email continue to work with no downtime.

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